'Massive indications of war crimes'

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10 Apr 2022

'Massive indications of war crimes' in Ukraine, says German FM

"We have massive indications of war crimes," Germany's foreign minister Annalena Baerbock has told reporters before a meeting of European ministers in Luxembourg.

"In the end, the courts will have to decide, but for us, it is central to secure all evidence," she says.

Germany has been heavily reliant on imports of Russian energy but has drawn up plans to find alternative energy supplies.

"As the German federal government, we have already made it clear that there will be a complete phase-out of fossil fuels, starting with coal, then oil and gas."

"So that this can be implemented jointly in the European Union, we need a joint, coordinated plan to completely phase out fossil fuels to be able to withdraw as a European Union," Baerbock has said.