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VYBZ94.50FM, AFOREVO, MURPHY BEN INTERNATIONAL®™© is only suitable for viewing by persons 18 years and above as film contents, words, programs, features & services may contain explicit violence, frequent coarse language, horror and simulated sexual scenes, alcohol, drugs & smoking, frightening & intense scenes, spoilers, sex & nudity, violence & gore, severe, profanity and less moderate scenes.


Requirement: VYBZ94.50FM, AFOREVO, MURPHY BEN INTERNATIONAL®™© service is with a non-return fees policy ad presently only accessible in certain amea territories & regions, where an absolute reliable minimum of a 4-5g high-speed internet broadband connection is available. Its worthy to note that some offers, programs, channels, contents and services may also not be available in most/all select areas & regions and time.


Service user acknowledgement: service user irrevocably and absolutely agrees that upon cancellation of service, user may lose access to all or other services or have certain limits to VYBZ94.50FM, AFOREVO, MURPHY BEN INTERNATIONAL®™© account and services. See T/C, privacy policy for legal details.


Programming: Contents & services are subject periodic changes (se the monthly epg) as programming; pricing, promotions, restrictions & terms are subject to periodic changes & may be modified, discontinued or terminated at any time without notice. 


Disclaimer: The conditions under which you continue to use our services means you absolutely and irrevocably accept our terms and privacy policy's without contest whatsoever and therefore form a biding contract between you, Dancia-4Tv, Beatwaveng and the GraceLink Business Technologies Group,  VYBZ 94.50 FM, AFOREVO, MURPHY BEN INTERNATIONAL®™©, our 3rd party service providers and our partners  collectively referred to as we, or us and also in absolute agreement that if there is a conflict between you and the terms & services, the VYBZ 94.50 FM, AFOREVO, MURPHY BEN INTERNATIONAL®™© privacy policy & t/c will apply irrevocably and absolutely to all.

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