Vybz 94.5Fm Lagos gives vent to the authentic voice of Nigerian youths, amplifying their concerns and diversity while promoting the best of sounds, lifestyle, creativity and conversation. We aspire to become the sound of the Limitless Generation.



Vybz 94.5Fm Lagos connects to Nigeria’s most buzzing and vibrant audience, youths. We aim to provide the authentic voice of the street as we offer positive vibrations and lifestyle choices for the Limitless Generation.


Vybz 94.5Fm Lagos BRAND STORY

Vybz 94.5Fm Lagos is not your regular digital radio platform. It’s a Nigerian 360 degree digital voice and revolutionary visual radio station. We are Vybz 94.5Fm Lagos - the voice of the new-generation positive thinkers, leaders, innovators and geniuses.

We represent you―the work savvy, sophisticated, global-inclined, goal-oriented, life-changing, leading individual.


Vybz 94.5Fm Lagos is the (one) space for young people who daily overcome traditional restrictions, scale the hurdles of outmoded social norms and define contemporary trends.  

Vybz 94.5Fm Lagos hit the airwaves with fully-packed Vybz that rock your day and keep your mood right with positive-impact content.


With music as a universal language, we’ve made what you listen to our responsibility. Through the hustle and bustle, the quiet times or fast-paced moments, we catch up with the trends. We voice your buzz.


Looking for News? Or searching for what’s trending? Vybz 94.5Fm Lagos offers a unique opportunity for timely, eclectic, vibrant and liberating news. For Nigerian youths who are unafraid to speak up, we are your mouthpiece to speak out and change redundant norms.


At Vybz 94.5Fm Lagos, we understand the importance of acceptance and diversity. Our shows segment allow for a greater sense of inclusion in music, arts, cultural activities and news that affect and shape the world we live in.